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Leverage our experience.

For more than 20 years, we’ve advocated, facilitated and fostered
relationships between our clients and
at all levels.

At Advantus Strategies, you’ll find a unique team of experienced professionals who can help you find your way through the intricacies of working with state and local government. Whether you’re trying to win a procurement contract, need assistance with a regulatory matter, are concerned about legislation that could affect your bottom line, or want to advance your issues or interests with state and local government, call on Advantus.


Specializing in lobbying and advocacy, business and environmental consulting, and association management.

Working with government is our business. How we approach it sets us apart. 

Advantus was founded with a vision of putting together an accomplished team of experts who could help clients find their way through the complicated layers of government.


With a wide range of skills from government, business, finance, policy writing and law to IT, marketing and sales, our consultants give advice and direction to clients about how to work effectively with state and local government agencies.

Advantus answers the question: “Now what?” 

We approach every client the same way: we listen to what you need, then roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our team will look at your issue from every angle and develop a tailored strategy. Advantus will customize a program or solution for your particular needs, whether it’s changing a law or building a solid RFP.


At Advantus Strategies, clients get answers based upon what’s best for them and their objectives. Let our knowledge, bipartisan relationships and experience help you. 



• Fortune 500 Businesses and corporations

• Local governments • School divisions

• Service industries • Trade associations

• Issue-specific interest groups

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